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Hi everybody. I drive a Grand Prix but I am doing the F40 conversion. I was hoping in spite of the fact I'm a stranger to the forum maybe someone would be able to help out with interchange advice.

There's probably no way I can really reciprocate for the favor but trust me it would be appreciated :D

My current issue... I can't figure out if there is an interchange for the 6 speed manual passenger axle or jack shaft.

It would help a ton if I had length & spline count. I am suspecting maybe it interchanges with the 2.4 or even the 6 speed A/T version with the stub removed, but I have no idea.

The ebay resellers & junk yards I've been in contact with are "unable to help"! Most of them don't even return inquiries!

On the bright side, I might have enough parts to do a 3800 s/c swap into a G6 if this doesn't work out :)
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