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Several years ago, there was a post concerning the "HID W body group buy" that introduced me to a great HID source. Since then, the original post has been decommisioned, but I just emailed him and he still offers kits for practically all bulb sizes.

I run these kits on my lows and fogs; from what I hear and from my experience, McCulloch one of the highest quality brand names around. I've had no problems with mine and am 100% satisfied after almost 2 years of using them. The guy's name is Andy, and he ships them directly (and super fast) after receiving your order. He also answers emails within minutes and will address any questions or concerns you have before and after your purchase.

I have nothing to gain from his sales other than spreading the word to folks interested in HID; I can't say I'm unbiased, but I certainly don't get anything is he sells a kit :p I can vouch that there are crappy kits out there: I bought a 2 stage (Hi/Lo) kit for my wife with H13 bulbs and it is CRAP. I should have just got a single stage and been happy. I had to splice wires, add a cap under the hood, position 4 ballast set instead of just 2, and still put up with the HIDs FLICKERING whenever there is a power surge from the throttle or even power windows!!! However, this is not the case with my kits in the G6; they are entirely plug and play kits. The only mods required are to drill a hole in the dust cap for the +/- wires to go to the ignitor and to remove your DRL (daytime running light) fuse. There is plenty of room behind the headlight units to securely position the ballast/ignitor sets on the bumper support beam. I will be happy to supply pictures of my installed kits or my beam patterns. Please notice my avatar-my lows were 6000K and my fogs were 5300K.

Here is Andy's info:

(Please notice he accepts credit cards though Paypal for a $6 fee and that these prices include overnight shipping)​

Please send the payment to paypal address [email protected] (No credit card payment, only instant transfer or echeck)

$190 for 4300K
$198 for 6000K
$203 for 8000K

Please send payment to paypal address [email protected] (for credit card payments)

$196 for 4300K (including paypal's fee)
$204 for 6000K (including paypal's fee)
$209 for 8000K (including paypal's fee)

Color Reference
4300K Warm White
6000K Pure White
8000K Aqua Blue White

All shipping FedEx overnight.
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