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First person I've ever seen that hates this besides me. Everyone else absolutely loves it, I was so freaking upset I spent $20 bucks on all three steps.

Step One:
Cleaner Wax. Cleans the impurities in your paint. Sounds great. Makes the car look pretty good, too, after you buff it in by hand, because you are to IMMEDIATELY wipe it from the surface, or else face hours trying to completely buff it out. No replacement for a claybar that's for sure.

Step Two:
Like Hadden said, the worst I've ever used. Supposed to give your car a deep, show car shine. Yeah, that's be great it all the shit would come off with your microfiber cloth. On my black Firebird and silver Grand Am, it left dark marks. Not raised, but almost like spraying dash cleaner on your paint and rubbing it in. Two wax coats and hundreds of washes later, I can safely say those marks are off my car, but I tore my arm off, by hand, and by buffer, trying to get that off without fail.

Step Three:
Carnuba Wax. Nothing special or outstanding at all. Average wax coat, maybe a bit worse.

Moral: Buy Eagle One Nanowax (fav. #2) or NXT wax (#1). NXT wax is so freaking amazing that an 85 year old lady stopped me in the mall and asked whether I had an 04 or 05 Grand Am. I have a 2000.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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