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Good afternoon fellow G6 owners,
I have recently purchased an 09' G6 GXP. I have the windows tinted and am now on the look out for making the vehicle as different as I can from others.
I want to get headlights and tail lights for appearance exterior. Anyone here know any places to purchase these? I have been keeping in mind for a set of rims, but not sure where to look and what would look good on my black G6. Suggestions? :confused:
There is also the performance aspect in which I was thinking about exhaust and intake. What ideas are out there for this stuff?
And lastly the interior is a tan and black leather and was considering a navigation system in-dash like the Kenwood 9980HD. Along with that upgrading from the Monsoon system to something more, maybe Boston Acoustics? Any thoughts you have feel free to share. :D

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I suggest you do some looking around on here!

all of what you have mentioned there are MANY threads on.

Headlights : eagle eyes - ebay
Tails - alteza or led - ebay
Crabs intake - search google
GTR exhaust - google it

as for nav and shit...my only input is go double din or dont do it at all. - you will need a few harnesses and shit so you can relocate the dic to the glove box or w.e ( metra kit, and a metra double din mounting facia or w.e its called....look it up on here

you can also get a tune from chris iirc...i forget his site as well but you can find it on here or google
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