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We have seen lower gas prices in the last three months than we have in years, which has been a treat up to this point when prices are starting to increase again. Gas can be one of the most annoying parts of owning a car because it is an expense that never ends. Here are some ways to save money on gas and make owning a car not so costly.

Finding deals and discounts

If there’s a will, there’s a way, and saving money on gas is no different than saving money on your car insurance (which we all know we can do). The trick is finding the deals. Forbes suggests purchasing discounted gas gift cards found online. Another suggestion is to become a gas rewards member at your favorite gas stations. Some rewards cards are also credit cards and can help you improve your credit score and save money on gas as long as you pay it off regularly.

Best time for road trips

It is wise to take road trips when the rest of the world is not. Popular travel times include the highest gas prices, so strategically plan your trips if possible. When on the road, use apps on your smartphone like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest places to stop for gas. The big gas companies will always be the first available once you get off the freeway, but another five minutes into town is often worth the price difference in gas.

Care for your car

It doesn't matter what type of care you drive, you can always save money on gas if you are caring for you vehicle, and driving it properly. Keep your tires filled with air, your filters clean and get your oil changed regularly. The better shape the car is under the hood will determine how quickly it goes through gas. When driving, do not let the engine idle for more than a minute. If you are going to have to wait, roll the windows down and turn the car off. Extra weight in a car causes gas to burn quicker, so keep your car clean. Believe it or not, road rage effects your car. Don’t rapidly accelerate to get around slower drivers because you are burning more gas doing so. Don’t peel away from traffic lights or race others if you want to save gas!

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Source: forbes.com/sites/cateyhill/2012/07/02/10-savvy-ways-to-save-on-gas/2/
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