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Mothers Bucket of Cleaners: A Special Deal that Shines!

Spring Cleaning and Detailing Season is here! The sun is out and the shows are about to begin. Let our comprehensive collection of detailing products help you get that shine you're looking for.

Right now for a limited time, get our Mothers Bucket of Cleaners Kit for half price with any order over $200 and we'll ship it for free! To get this special price, simply place your order for over $200 and during checkout, you'll be presented with a special price of $29.99 on the Mothers Bucket of Cleaners.

Just want the kit? We'll still ship it for free ordered by itself or with other products that don't add up to the $200. Simply add it to your cart prior to checkout and it'll ship free!

Mothers knows best when it comes to caring for your treasured ride. Mothers Waxes, Polishes and Cleaners are the finest quality car care products ever developed! With over 30 years of experience, Mothers car care products are manufactured using only the finest quality ingredients. Science and nature combine with automotive detailing know-how to achieve perfect results from each product and with every application. Specific attention is given to real world exterior care and interior care issues. Mothers has designed exacting products to address every problem. This Bucket of Cleaners kit includes:

  • Bucket and blue terry cloth towel
  • California Gold Car Wash
  • Car Polish
  • Car Wash
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Spray Detailer

Please click below to go directly to the ordering page.

Mothers Bucket of Cleaners


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