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Hi, I don't really have enough money to dish out on the GT-R exhaust, so I was thinking of just buying a muffler and removing my resonator. Do you think this will sound good and if so, what muffler do you reccommend? Also how hard is the resonator to remove because I am skeptical about sawing it off while the car is jacked up

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Here is my exhaust.

It's a custom true dual set up with a magnaflow X pipe muffler. It has 2.25 real stainless from each cat to the X pipe muffler then out to the back.

It cost about $550. If you did it yourself and used aluminized pipe instead it would run about half that maybe less.

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Corey, So my reply is a month old I see.....lol

You can just cut it out but I wouldnt until your prepaired to run new pipe.
My first exhaust I did I replaced the pipe from the flex pipe back with 2.5" pipe.
I also swapped out the 38 lb resonator for a magnaflow flow through muffler. If you dont put a flow through there you will have rasp in the exhaust tone. Do not get a flow through bigger that 4" diameter to replace it or you will have clearance issues.

You can put a 2.5 single in dual out muffler there in back and have them pipe to some nice 4" tips.

On my first exhaust I bought a muffler one month, then the tips then another muffler the next month as money was tight then. Then I saved up for the install and pipes.
It sounded good but hindsite is 20-20. I would have been ok with that if the guy who welded up the pipes or the guy who bent them was any good but I got what I paid for....which was a crappy job. The sound was good too.

Im half performance and half looks and the looks wernt there. C Ourse whos gonna look under my car but Im kinda nuts like that and wasnt happy. Along came a used GT-R for sale about 50 miles from me and I snagged it. Ive purchased many exhausts and its by far the best. Anyways....both Magnaflow and Flowmaster makes a nice single in dual out muffler.

You will need the GTP dual out back valance. They are around $80 new. They just snap on.
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