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Let me preface this with anything is possible given you want to spend the time and money to do it. So yes its possible. However I would say its not feasable to put a V8 in the G6. There would be an awful lot of work done to modify fener wells and firewalls to shoe horn a V8 into the rather cramped G6 engine bay. I have a GTP with a 3.6 and I can tell you that thing is really wedged in there.

I think if you were going to do this a whole lot of research would be needed before you bought anything. Even if you could get the GP V8 in there and get the tranny in there the next issues are these:

Wiring, larger breaks, beefier suspension, fuel pump change, computer/trans computer stuff, exhaust routing, steering box relocation, battery relocation to trunk for sure and on and on. As someone who has put small block and big block chevies into S10s and small blocks into rangers I can tell you there is an awful lot of work involved with a project like this and unless you have access to a lift and a full compliment of professional level tools and knowledge you will have an awful hard time completing this. The chances of you having a tranny and motor sitting in your garage that are listen on Ebay or craigslist for sale are far higher than you doing a total V8 retrofit in 1 years time or less. If you pay to ahve someone do it thats another story.

If you are looking for more power I would give Cottons performance in Agawam MA a call. The specialize in turbo 3.8 that came in GNXs and T types as well as the 89 Trans AM. These motors have a TON of possibilities with an arse load of aftermarket parts available. One of those 3.8 V6s and coresponding tranny could easily get you into the 13s with very little work beyond the transplant.


Sorry if I pissed in your fruit loops bro.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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