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Ok i'm finally going to start my build thread.. I don't have any pictures of the car when I bought it about a month ago but that doesn't matter its the mods everyone wants to look at lol

I have a 09 GT silver

Manufacture upgrades are monsoon system, remote start, fogs, and whatever else is in the gt package

My mods

- Upgraded interior map and dome lights to 6k white LED bulbs
I love the map lights but the dome could be brighter.. Im going
to switch it out with something brighter for sure.. Overall
its a great upgrade much better then stock

- Added in a LOC off of the factory monsoon amp so i could add in a sub
I work at best buy so i grabbed a LOC cheap and it took like 30 minutes
to put in.

- I ran 1/0 gauge wire from the battery to the trunk for the amp
It was a serious PITA... Had to push the wire from the inside out to the
the engine bay.. I ran it through the wire grommet hole right behind the
dash where the back of the steering wheel is.. Once I found out how to
get it ran it was cake.. If anyone has any question on how i did it or
need pics just let me know

- Black overlays from grafxwerks for the front and back pontiac symbols
Good quality stuff.. Happy i choose regular black over metallic

- Debadged.. This was the first mod i did and i love it.. Heated the emblems
with a heat gun for a second, peeled them off with butter knife.. Used goo
gone to get the left over junk off and polished it up a little with some
synthetic spray wax

- Blacked out the stock tail lights
My latest and favorite mod so far.. Its a process to do but i'm more then
happy with the results.. I messed up a little one the passenger side light
I might sanded it down and redo it but probably not
I used VHT nightshade and a nice high shine clear coat

My list of future mods

My next mod besides upgrading to LED bulbs in the tails is to retrofit the headlights and upgrade to projector fogs

After that I plan on tinting, strut bar, paint calipers, Big 3, AEM CIA, and possibly a WAMS tune.. In that order lol

Alright picture time


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I swapped out my maps and dome too. My dome is hella bright though. I love the difference, I find things a lot easier because its so much brighter in the car.

You got a nice g6! What % tint you going with?

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