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My 09 G6!

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Just got my g6 in march and finally saved up some money to throw some new rims on it. Got a nice set of 17" Sterm ST-4's

I think the look pretty good :)


i hope these work....never done this before.
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nice bud.
Nice 6, I like the rims.
Blue sedan...AWESOME!!!!!
Almost got it in black then i spied that midnight blue , sun was out and i just started drooling. Got in and drove, and was suprised that a 4 cycl was that peppy. But i love it, and more is to come as money piles up :)

HEY! I just ordered those exact rims friday for my car off of ebay. I have been looking all around to see if there was a picture of a g6 with those rims on them and I finally found them! Wow they look pretty nice! Same size and everything! I also have the 2.4 ecotec engine in my 2008 liquid silver metallic pontiac g6. I recently replaced the grill with a new more attractive looking one and I am buying a couple more things for it tomorrow. As soon as all of those things come in and by the time I get those rims here and mounted I will send you a picture of it. I hope everything turns out nice. One question, do those rims affect the nice quiet, tight handling ride it came with? My g6 came with those ugly as he// 16" plastic hubcaps so I had to do something!! HA
theres a little more vibration in the steering wheel, but they are significantly lighter than your steel rims, seems to float around corners just a weee bit better.
Sweet ride armored, ryantimm.. would love to see some pics of the car
Really?? I thought these would be heavier, but I guess not. Well thanks good to know!
OKay, I am still waiting for the rims to come in the mail but as soon as I Get them on I will definately post pictures! THe person I bought from on ebay just takes forever! So, as soon as they get here will definately get some pictures put on here!
So if they are lighter than the steel rims, are you able to get a little squeak out of the tires from a dead stop? Because I know with the steel ones on there is no way you can get wheelslip on dry pavement. I just cant find a way to get the tires to spin, must be the four cylinder. Does the acceleration get any better since the wheels are lighter? That would be cool.
accel is the same. lol, but yes, I burn out all the time, well...not smoking but I sure can make a awful racket :)
Sweet!! I can't wait. The only thing I am not looking forward to, is having to buy all new tires for my rims. The steel ones with the 16" tires are going to be my winter ones so these ones don't get ruined, but I am not looking forward to spending alot of money for new 17" tires to accomadate these new rims. But it is def worth it because they look really sharp!
since i had the 17" 5 spoke steel ones, i was able to just switch the rubber out for the summer. then when winter hits, on the steel goes.
debadged today :) oh..and cleaned it.

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OMG!!!! looks good but she naked!!! you gonna have to get some tint on that woman.
^^ Agreed.

I love that blue, thats the color i wanted but couldn't really find one that was in my price range or a good deal for that matter.

Metallic Imperial Blue FTW!
...actually thats midnight blue. No imperial blue on the G6.
it is midnight blue, and its freaking amazing in sun and stuff. :D
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