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OK, I know this thread is useless without pictures. I'll post them tomorrow when daylight happens.

Christmas Eve: Some jerk cuts a corner too tight in a parking lot. We both inspect our cars, and I see 0 damage. Not even a scuff of dust.

Fast forward 5 days: Notice a dent. Call the insurance company. I think they will think I am crazy, as it took me 5 days to notice anything. $1500 worth of damage. While the adjuster is examining, he asks how my trunk got damaged. Trunk, I asked? I had no idea there WAS damage. He had no clue how it happened. Shopping cart was ruled out, as it was too high, and there was no scratches on the bumper. It was only several days late, while I was grocery shopping that I noticed the dent was exactly in the place a shopping cart going backwards would hit. The handle is higher, and sticks out. Luckily, that dent will be fixable for about $100, as there is no pain damage. Phew.

So I am about to take my baby into the shop... For the forseeable future. :'(

I'll post pics of the damage tomorrow.
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