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My 2006 G6 feels as if my driver side wheel will come flying off at any moment

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Hello My 2006 G6 feels as if my driver side wheel will come flying off at any moment. It making a sort of clapping noise & It shakes terribly .. shaking so bad that the steering wheel is bouncing out of control..
**Also my power steering has been out for over a year now.. it's difficult to make super tight turns but other than that it's been doable.. here's the thing though now that this new wheel problem has come up the steering wheel DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT AT ALL can't explain it don't know the right words to even try & at times it feels like the steering wheel is sticking like it doesn't want to turn at all.
Hoping someone with some knowledge can help me, as it's kinda scary driving
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If it only happens at highway speeds (around 50-65 mph or so) it is usually a wheel balance issue. If it is happening at most speeds, it could be the wheel hub bearing or something related to the suspension. If it were mine, I would jack the front wheel up try to wiggle it top to bottom and side to side to see if there is any movement or play in the wheel. I would also remove the wheel and check to see if anything looked obviously broken on the suspension or wheel hub. This would also have the side effect of checking more mundane things like the wheel being put back on right and the lug nuts being tight.

Does you G6 have hydraulic or electric power steering?
Its got electronic power steering . Do you think the one could have something to do with the other?
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