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My 2007 GT

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I'm surprised there are no "orange shirts" out there preparing that thing for take off!! Haha, gorgeous ride brotha. On a future date I will ask you about your Supercharged engine and ECU computer..

How does it feal to be the first forced induction G6?

who did that for you?

how many pounds of boost?
I think he is getting it done....havent seen pix of that yet. still waiting...
Well, you can guess I like your 2007 White G6 GT :D. I can't say I care for the spoiler but hey I'm a bit of an old phuk!:rolleyes:
where did you get your supercharger at? I agree with Geewhiz about the wing but i mean other than that clean 6 man
Looks stock.... except for that baggage carrier on the trunk. lol
hope he posts a pic soon im am dying to see where he got it. cause i wanna supercharge mine.
lol where do you propose to put my luggage? the trunk is full...:axechase:
lol that is to funny!
There has only been one other person who got close to forced induction. his was a turbo...

that was the only person.

as for your "Touch Screen ECU Controler" what brand is it?

I have never heard of anything like that...

Are you intercooling? do you plan on a Alcohol/metho spray if not?

how many lbs? do you have any flow charts?

what are you doing for your trans?

What are you doing for torque management?

and when are you able to show us any pictures of any of this stuff?
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i tried telling you that it is not going to work...

take a picture of your stuff that you have.
Considering there's no room in the engine bay for anything, I'm calling BS lol. The Doc's turbo setup, which he did not finish, only worked after he relocated the battery to the trunk, and even then it was a royal PITA. It also only fit with the F40 6 Speed tranny, since it takes up a lot less room than the automatic engines. With your battery in the front, and the automatic transmission the only hope for any forced fed application is STS's basically.

Either way, Pics.
1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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