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I just purchased this 08 GXP last week. The GXP is my new daily driver and so far I'm really enjoying it. I purchased the car with the 12/12 certified warranty from a Pontiac dealer right next door to Berger Chevrolet. She has just over 40,000 miles on the clock. My first mods start Monday afternoon when I drop her off at the dealer for the installation of the street edition hood. I had them include the hood in the purchase price. I figured it would look really cool parked next to my ram air Trans Am.

During the coming weeks I plan on installing several mods. I'll need everyone's input and advice. I'm trying to keep a clean look that will still turn heads. Here's what I'm thinking for next month.

Projector head lights " Anyone know if the ebay ones are junk?"
HID fogs, and HID headlamps if I can find projectors
Led reverse lights, and interior lights
Window Tint
Cold air intake
Carbon fiber interior pieces
Possibly a electric exhaust cut out

I'll work on getting a good picture of the GXP. I only have a cell phone shot and photobucket won't let me upload it? So I'll show you a few pic's of my Trans Am so you know what my taste are. I'll get some pics Tuesday after the body shop installs the hood.

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