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There is of course always something more to be done but I started working on it this spring and this is what i've got so far.

In the beginning:

Nothing special... wait a sec its a 6 of course it is.

Let it Breath:

I've got Crabs!... nothing but the best for my little 6.

I can see:

6K Lows, 3.5k Fogs

Home Sweet Home.

White Led Map/Dome lights

Bringing up the Rear:

Who said Taillights cant look sexy.

Legs to stand on:

The wheels on the 6 go round and round...

I Think i've got the basics covered now I'm working on getting a suspension and brakes and maybe a GT-R... eventually when i get some time ill try and throw some more stuff together, like i said before... "There is always something more to be done".
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