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My Custom Catback Quote

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Ok so i went to my favorite muffler shop and i told them i wanted to open up my exhaust with 2.5" pipe (obviously catback) and a muffler (free flow of course) that IS NOT RICEY but has a reasonable mellow tone (you guys know the sound). It will be a single out, not dual out. I told them i wanted to be able to hear my radio while driving but loud enough so i know i have an exhaust mod lol.

They quoted me $250 b/f tax, a/t $271 and some change. (thats without a new tip)

Getting it done on saturday morning. I'll post a batch of pics of my car and such.
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Will do. I'll post a vid too but cant gaurantee good sound quality as i only have a cell phone.
thats pretty cheap for cat-back. they must be using their shop brand muffler and crinkle bending.

it should still sound nice as long as you kept the resonator or are adding a resonator aside from the muffler...make sure to post a vid because i'm trying to figure out how raspy the g6 gets when certain things are done.

question...3.5 v6, 3.9 v6, or I4?? oop. nevermind. i read your sig and figured it out.
Flowmaster muffler. No Rez. Crinkle Bends. Stock Tip. Sounds great. Only raspyness is when in park and reving quickly (as in stepping on it)

They welded the "sharp bends" with peices of pipe (in four places) because it would close the pipe too much.

Everything else was crinkle bent, IMO, It doesnt matter to me if its mandrel or crinkle on a catback, but i would prefer mandrel on a header tho.

There is a vid i posted elsewhere on here, you'll find it.
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