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My Grand AM GT (56k Run and Hide)

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Here's some pics of my GA.


Painted brake calipers

Engine Pics

Interior (will get better pics)
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car looks good
Mankthetank19 said:
All I see are multiple red x's
I see the pics. I don't know they aren't working for you. :confused:
not bad, I dont know if I like the blue loom on the green car.
And the red brake calipers? maybe you should stick with one them. Otherwise nice car, i wish i had a manual grand am.
i had one just like that but mine was the 2.4. i hated it, but loved the way it looked. GTAudioFreak, its an auto.
I wish it was a manual. That would be fun.
Yea it would, guess i just glanced at the shifter and thought manual for some reason.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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