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S10 Blazers are not Full size trucks, hence the name mini truck. You dont have to have modifications to drive a small "mini" truck.

Mankthetank19 said:
Uhhhhhh, .So anybody who dives a stock blazer is considered a mini trucker.....highly doubt it because some people with blazers have huge tires and go off-roading.

You contradict(sp?) yourself here. You say that stock Blazers arent mini trucks cause people put huge tires on them and go off roading. Well anything with "huge" tires is no longer stock. I know what your talking about and to fit the huge tires on there the truck is usually very modified.

Mankthetank19 said:
My version of a mini trucker is laying the frame and dragging it. Also, cutting the fenders in order to fit 22s, that have shaved door handles, trunks, body lines, etc.
So if I do this to a Mac Truck does that now make it a mini truck? :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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