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Hi all. I'm new to posting but have been reading this site for a while now.

I have a 2006 G6 with 78,000 KM on it. I bought it used from the dealership about 6 months ago at 59,800KM. I am trying to be happy with this car, although after I got sorta screwed by the dealership, it makes it hard. Then to top it off, it seems to be having problems almost constantly so far.

First thing was the CD player wouldnt read CD's of any kind. You had to play a game with it where you insert the CD 30 times and hope that it would take it at some point. When it finally did, I had it scratch the crap out of one of my CD's. I replaced this with a Pioneer head unit and used the Metra kit for it.

Second issue was the knocking noise when turning corners. Took it back to the dealership within the first week and they "fixed" it by packing grease somewhere. Would like to know where so I could do that myself in the future. It seems to be good since then, so sounds like an ok fix to me.

Now I am suffering from a shimmy at high speeds. 85-110 KM/h. This just started in the last week. To go along with that, for about the last month and a half, I have been suffering what I can only assume is the warped rotor issue. I'll be making a post in the problems section for advice on this.

Anyways, consider this my introduction. Im off to post and hopefully get some input.

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