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Here are a few pictures of my T-70 GTP. Enjoy.

high res pictures available here but 56K will have a hard time with full images.


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Great looking car! Not a fan of the hood but otherwise I love it.
IMO that hood is bad ass man! Interesting way to expose the IC..lol. What kind of times are you running?
SikMindz said:
What kind of times are you running?
no number yet with it. just got built and finished up about 3 weeks ago and had to get some tranny work done. as soon as i have a time i will post up. i was running mid 12s before the turbo and now it makes that setup look stock
Holy crap.....that looks awesome and you can probably kick some ass with that setup....I am so jealous and the hood is def different, I kind of like it :)
Nice car!!
thanks guys, i appreciate the compliments

oh and the hood not only looks nice and mean but it also gets rid of the amazing amount of heat generated by the turbo
looks freggin sweet
WOW thats bad a$$.Nice ride.
that's the zzp hood isn't it? sweet...........also I love those wheels man, what are they?
yup, zzp hood. the rims are eagle alloy 077s
Well since my car went to car of the week, I figured I would go ahead an list all the mods I have right now.

Turbonetics T-70 Q-Trim
Stattama One-Off headers
65# MOTOTRON Injectors
3" Exhaust with Dynomax Mufflers
Manual Cut-out
XP Cam
Double Roller
105# springs
Stattama UIM
Ported LIM
Turbonetics Racegate
Tial 50mm BOV
DHP Tuner
Innovative LC-1 Wideband
Cowl Hood from ZZP for heat extraction
Future plans are aluminum heads, xpz cam, and perhaps a bigger turbo

ZZP Race Transmission
ZZP 3500 Stall
Hardened Input Shaft
Hardened 4th
Diff Squriter
soon to have hardened flexplate and pump shaft and perhaps more

Suspension and Tires:
For Track:
M/T ET Drags on Stock 5 spoke rims
Kuhmo runners on the back on black steelies
Cable mod for rear suspension
For Street:
Nitto 555R in front and directional off-brands in back on Eagle Alloy 17s
AGX Adjustable structs
SSC Lowering springs
Poly motor mounts
Future plans are a 6 point roll cage for safety and less roll and TrakLite LC5's

I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of right now., but I will update the list if I think of more.
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Looks awesome! Congrats on getting car of the week!
Great to see you in the car of the week column....looks sweet!
Thanks guys. If you think it looks great, you should see how it preforms(when its not breaking transmissions ofcourse:()
Looking good.
Seems alot of GTP guys switch over to turbos. A local guy is running a incooled turbocharged 2004 L32 Series III 3800 in his '98 GTP.
its because the power gains are huge over the M90. the gen 3 ported sux, the gen 5 that comes on the 04+ cars is so much better, but it doesnt even compare to what a turbo can do. most guys need a huge cam, the best heads, full exhaust and an intercooler to even get close to a turbo guy with a FMIC. after the aluminum heads come out next year from zzp, i think there will be alot more guys getting into the 10s without sponsorship.
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