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no number yet with it. just got built and finished up about 3 weeks ago and had to get some tranny work done. as soon as i have a time i will post up. i was running mid 12s before the turbo and now it makes that setup look stock

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Well since my car went to car of the week, I figured I would go ahead an list all the mods I have right now.

Turbonetics T-70 Q-Trim
Stattama One-Off headers
65# MOTOTRON Injectors
3" Exhaust with Dynomax Mufflers
Manual Cut-out
XP Cam
Double Roller
105# springs
Stattama UIM
Ported LIM
Turbonetics Racegate
Tial 50mm BOV
DHP Tuner
Innovative LC-1 Wideband
Cowl Hood from ZZP for heat extraction
Future plans are aluminum heads, xpz cam, and perhaps a bigger turbo

ZZP Race Transmission
ZZP 3500 Stall
Hardened Input Shaft
Hardened 4th
Diff Squriter
soon to have hardened flexplate and pump shaft and perhaps more

Suspension and Tires:
For Track:
M/T ET Drags on Stock 5 spoke rims
Kuhmo runners on the back on black steelies
Cable mod for rear suspension
For Street:
Nitto 555R in front and directional off-brands in back on Eagle Alloy 17s
AGX Adjustable structs
SSC Lowering springs
Poly motor mounts
Future plans are a 6 point roll cage for safety and less roll and TrakLite LC5's

I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of right now., but I will update the list if I think of more.

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its because the power gains are huge over the M90. the gen 3 ported sux, the gen 5 that comes on the 04+ cars is so much better, but it doesnt even compare to what a turbo can do. most guys need a huge cam, the best heads, full exhaust and an intercooler to even get close to a turbo guy with a FMIC. after the aluminum heads come out next year from zzp, i think there will be alot more guys getting into the 10s without sponsorship.
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