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http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c114/immortalshadow9/atl2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

More pix to come but I have 2 12" Kicker CVX with a Hifonics 1200w amp and wanna get a radio but need help! Any advice on what i should get and whats your favorites i want something with a screen not just a radio Thanx
Welcome to the club da_modern_scarface.

Although your intention was to post a photo your discussion is about car audio so I will move it to the appropriate section.

I prefer the Monsoon system but if I were to up grade I would install the new "Kenwood" system. It plays every up-to-date piece of electronics (cell phone to DVDs) you can think of with a touch screen display.Its a VERY :cool: cool system!


I think its the "KVT-719DVD"
http://www.cartronixplus.com/templa...me=Online Store > All:N > Kenwood KVT-719DVD

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both of them 2 are right kenwood and pioneer both make great systems especially pioneers "Premier" line and kenwoods "excelon" line as for the video systems they offer you get alot with any of them but if you want the best sound quality and control go with there higher line i am using a kenwood excelon KDC-X891 radio it has a usb input for memory sticks will controll an ipod, color screen display, motorized face, 5 volt rca pre-out for amps and a great eq its last years model but check out their new radios
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