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Need Help finding factory history on 09 G6 Convertible

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I have a 2009 G6 GT Convertible that is very unique. It has leather interior with the GXP logo on it. I am told that a GXP convertible was not made, it also has the 3.9 v6 and several other options that did not come on the G6 Convertible. It is my understanding the order type is = 10 - P.E.P. / SPL EVENT which means a special event. How can I find out what event it was built for and how many were made???:confused:
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I am having trouble uploading pic's of the front but I think it has the GXP bumper. I have not been able to find good photos of the 2009 G6 GT & GXP/
It has the 3.9 so my source is week.
I would love to find out what event this car was built for??? I will take new photos and try to post they tell me the photos are too large too post?
Thanks Pete
Photos of my G6 Convertiable

Photos are now in gallery:)
Vin 1G2ZK361194212774

There were a few of those made, in fact I've probably been in your car before you got it. ;) Shoot me the VIN I'll see what I can do.
Do you work for GM?


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