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First and foremost, hello everyone new to the forum. I been reading the forum for two days and I felt is time to post some questions. Ps. I posted this questions on another forum, but wanted to get a perspective from the members of this fine forum.

I am looking to upgrade my wife's G6 system "her Christmas present" I bought most of the stuff I needed with the exception of the sub and the amp. Let me tell you what I have;

Escort 9500CI radar detector
Kenwood DNX6160 receiver
Kenwood CMOS- Rear View Camera
KAC-IP301v Ipod Video Connector
XM Kit
JL Audio C2-690 tx 6x9 Speakers
JL Audio C3-650 6.5 Speakers
PAC SWIJack Stering Wheeel Remote Interface
Metra 99-3303 Install kit for GM
Metra 40-GM10 GM Antenna Adapter

Her car is convertible and I seen some pictures in this forum of set-ups where they build the sub box on the spare tire compartment. Do those boxes sound good? Does anyone know where I can get one commercially?

What Brand sub should I get, my wife listens mostly to R&B and Hip-Hop, What amp should I get? I was considering a Five channel Kenwood KenXR5S, the car is not going to competitions or nothing, just want a system that will sound good enough for people to know it is not factory. I am good with installs but I would not have a clue on how to make a box, not sure I would even want to try to make one.

Thanks in advanced for the help.

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