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need help installing aftermarket headunit

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Im having a friend install an indash clarion flip screen DVD player and i want to know what all we'll need. I got the mounting kit but dont we also need a wire harness if i want to put the stock unit back in? I went to this one car audio place and he was trying to sell me this $60 thing and he said id have to keep my stock radio in the trunk or something cuz otherwise it give me some error code. i thought he was crazy! Where do i get the wire harness from? i cant find it and is that all i need, i realize ill be losing my DIC but dont really care since most stuff on there is off anyways and ill lose XM but im gonna take the dvd player over it. Is that all we need (mounting kit and wire harness) or is there something else? thanks for the help!!
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yes, that's all you need.. you don't need to route anything to your trunk, usually places like bestbuy say you need to do that.. you will still get audible alerts when things happen.. like if you turn off the autoheadlights, you will still hear the beep beep beep, but.. sometimes you hear an audible alert and you don't know what happened, that's why i bought the kit with the DIC.. it's ugly, but whatever, if you honestly don't care a bit about the DIC, you should get a 2din screen, will look much nicer.. just my opinion though.. goodluck with the install!
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