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Here's what I can tell you, do not buy a Galant, Mitsubishi has got a lot of problems and I have heard nothing positive about that car. A Camry is not very performance oriented, most people who are around here are. If I were you and had the money I would get another Accord with the V6. Best midsize sedan out there in my opinion, just looks bad in 4 door guise. A Nissan Altima has great power and handling, but has a cheap interior, even after the 05 update. The Mazda 6 has been around a while and looks dated to me.

Here is why I got my G6, maybe you are in my sitiation. This car offers a V6 for the same, or even less money than these other cars with 4 bangers. I think the G6 looks the best, but if does NOT have the power from the 3.5 to keep up with the nissan, honda, mazda, or mitsu. If you can wait a couple of months you can get the GTP version with 240 horses, that should make it a better competitor. You will have to deal with GM's cost cutting issues, such as no leather wrap on the steering whels of cars with cloth interiors, no automatic climate control unless you get the GTP, high sticker price (don't pay anywhere near sticker if you get one), only one window with automatic down and none with auto up. There are olso some features the G6 has that the others don't which may or may not be important to you: power adjustable pedals, panoramic sunroof, manumatic tranny(GT), 17" wheels(GT), very good stereo, telescoping steering wheel, driver information center. Personally I'd rather get full auto windows and leather on my wheel than power pedals.
Hope this helps a little
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