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need new tires. best tire set up for g6?

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im getting ready to replace my tires.and im sure im not goinging back with the stock cont.dam they were bad. I seen at the stealer the other day the new g6s have goodyears are they any good or does anybody have a recommendation.thanks
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Our 2006 G6 Sedan came with Tiger Paws. I have had them on other vehicles as well and have always had good luck with them. They might not be as sporty as some other brands out there but they are very reliable and are quite road worthy. Just my humble opinion.....
Check out Tire Rack.com

Check these in OEM size
Kumho Ecsta ASX


These come in an alternate size of 255-55/17

Kumho Solus

I will probably be picking up one set of either of these for the wife's car.
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The Kumho Ecsta line are great for the price. Really aggressive tread pattern, great dry grip. I have them on my '75 Porsche 914 and love them. Can't say how they do in rain (garage queen) or how well they hold up (< 2000 miles/yr)
Stay away from the GoodYear.
Read this thread:

(Goodyear Eagle LS2)

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