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Just picked up a 2007 Blue (w/ebony leather interior) G6 GT and am enjoying it. Have a 2nd child on the way and had to pick up a new 'family car'. My previous ride was/is a Nassau Blue C5 Corvette Coupe, which worked surprisingly well for carrying around one kiddo, but won't work for two. As such, I've retired it to the garage for shows/cruisin'.
I've had the G6 for only a few days but already have developed an appreciation for it. Nice ride, handles well, is comfortable and looks good. (Love that blue color, btw). Is it "Electric Blue" or "Electron Blue"? I've seen it both ways. I know there was an Electron Blue for the C5 Corvettes that looked just like this G6's blue.

So, here's to a good future with it! :D
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