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Hi all!!

I'm Jen, my hubby is making his own s/n and is Drew. We bought our Silver 08 G6, just broken in with 18K miles, on Monday. We don't really know much about the car to be honest, just what we've read in reviews and the basics.

We're not new to car forums, we actually met on a Ford Zx2 (that's the Escort coupe) forum several years back. I've had my trusty ol' Z (the S/R version) for 6 years now, and I had a different one for 3 years before that. It's been through a lot between mods, an overseas move (twice), and last year she was flooded and totaled out by the insurance, we bought her back and she still runs and is driven daily.

However our expanding family required us to get a larger second car (we also have a Trailblazer) since the Zx2 doesn't exactly fit rear facing car seats. We originally were looking at Mazda 3's but it was a tight squeeze for the rear facing seats also so we started looking a little bigger.

We settled on the G6, it seemed to suit our needs as far as style, performance, gas mileage, and baby hauling capabilities. We drove both the 4 cyl. and V6, and opted for the V6. We would have liked a GT, but they didn't have one there so we compromised (but hey, at least I got my sun and sound package!).

We probably wont be modding much, we're keeping the Zx2 to tinker on since we now have another reliable car. It does have an appointment Monday however for some tint, and we'll be looking for wheels in the near future I'm sure.

Oh, we are California natives, but hubby is in the Military, so we're currently stationed at Barksdale AFB, in LA.

Hope to get to know some of you and learn more about the G6! I know the Zx2 forum is a large part of our lives and we wouldn't have met with out it!

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