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NEW 18 inch wheels for my Black GT

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Just wanted to show everyone my new wheels for Black Betty. She is Blacked Out!
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Those wheels work for your ride. Lookin' good :cool:
Daniel, do you have a pic of the Granite color with the black wheels? Also, what brand wheels did you use? I haven't found any at tirerack.com that look good.

Code8, your ride looks great!
:agree2: I will get some pictures up soon i took a whole bunch yesterday, and just been busy i will post one here.
Here is the pick of the granite with black rims. :)
I like them a lot.


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American racing wheels is where I found mine under Rogue B. Just a little different than yours.
That red pontiac on the windshield looks awsome!
Where did u get that or is it a custom piece?
I had it custom done. Do you think it would still look good when i put my grills in tommorrow that are silver and my ram air when it goes on in two weeks, or should i ditch the sticker
ditch the sticker IMO... if your going for the blacked out loook just the eyebrow on the winsheild will be perfect!
where did u get your emblem overlay from?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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