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New Arrival

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Hi all! Finally decided to make an account after lurking the past two months, figured I'd end up making one sooner or later anyway.

May as well introduce my own car here whilst I'm at it, 2006 G6 GTP Coupe w/ the F40 6MT. She's my first car, and no, I had no plans of getting a G6, or any American car until I found what I thought was a relatively okay deal considering the state of the used car market in the post-pandemic world.

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Previous owner did some stuff to it, some fine, some (actually, mostly) questionable, but I've been genuinely enjoying it these past two months of ownership, despite the lack of A/C and Vegas weather starting to get to me. That Saab transmission and 3.9 litre make for a pretty darn good combo, and she's doing (and looking) pretty well for 156k miles!
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Nice. Hope you continue to enjoy it and get the AC working. Welcome to the club.
Welcome!! My a/c started a couple years ago. But nothing a can of Freon from autozone can’t fix. Hopefully you’re able to get yours going soon, It’s gonna get hot here real quick.
But nothing a can of Freon from autozone can’t fix.
Ha, if only that were the case. Tried recharging it last week but to no avail, still blows hot, something tells me the compressor or AC clutch has gone bad and will likely to take it to an AC specialist later today.

Thanks for the welcome moderators!
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