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Hi everyone,

I bought my g6gxp last July up in saskatchewan canada. its a all black 4 door g6 came with all the gxp parts except the hood, so of course i bought 1 and put it on. I am looking for some ideas on how to juice this baby up. I have been playing with the idea of NOS and menthol injection obviously with an intercooler, thoughts ideas? maybe something else? i dont know how much hp gains from NOS and menthol the engine could take, hopefully enough to beat the new camaro:cool:. Also was wondering if it was possible to convert a car from indirect fuel injection to dircet fuel injection like the camaro is. Im lookin for ideas to boost the power, i already have ideas for looks, red street glow is my project after a performance part. i take turns adding on, first was hood next will be NOS or something, then street glow, etc..

Post any ideas for horsepower gains and looks upgrade.
Thanks in advance
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