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I went down to my dealer and ordered my new black GTP complete full load everything except sunroof today. I got the 6 speed as well. It all started when I went in to look at the G6's, ended up buying a full load Grand Prix GXP out of the show room. I got back pains from having to recline the seat due to the sunroof. I am 6'4". I got a what I thought was going to be a comfortable postion with the roof in place but after 2 hrs, i was sore!!!.

I ended up getting the dealer to take the car bac, into new car inventory. I has 400 miles on it!!. I had to pay about 800 bucks in "fees" but it was better than being pissed off with a 40k car. The G6 coupe looks better anyway although not quite as quick. More fun to drive with that 6 speed!!!!

Looks like car prices are a lot different here in Canada as a full load will run out the door at about 33k Canadian which today is about 28k US. A far cry from the 23-24 I see guys buying them for in the states.

Anyway, cannot wait till it is here.

Nice forum, well setup with lots of info!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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