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Hello all. I just bought a 2007 GT coupe to use as a daily driver to keep the mileage down on my Trans Am. I got a job that requires a 90 minute round trip commute, so I wanted something that got decent gas mileage. I have a few ideas for mods, and also a few questions.

1) On my T/A there's tons of free mods to do that are just little things like the throttle body coolant bypass and Free ram air mod. Are there any things like that on the G6s?

2) I read somewhere that there's an intake baffle or soemthing to quiet it down, is this true?

3) I really like the debadged look, anybody know if the side moldings and front/rear arrowheads mount flush, or will they leave holes?

4) It has single exhaust right now, which I plan to convert over to a dual setup. I've heard a lot about the GTR exhaust, any others you'd recommend? And is the rear valience universal from the coupe to sedan?

5) I've always ran an aftermarket head unit so I can have a direct hookup for my iPod. I don't want to do this with the G6 becasue of the Driver information Center. Anbody find a solution to this?

6) I know that the difference between my 07 and an 06 is the variable valve timing, but I have no idea what that means. Anybody have an insight?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I look forward to learning a lot and will get pics up soon!

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Welcome once again..

1) There is a ram air hood from MPD http://mpd1.com/content/pontiac_ramair.html and youd probably want to look into the Crabs intake to go with that hood.
2)yes there is..its behind the passanger side headlight. (if you take it out during installation of the intake it help air flow 100%)
3)Dont know about the arrowheads have em but nothing else does. just gotta work off the adhesive
4)Yes it is universal ....Good choice on GTR. (waiting for them to get stock to get mine)

cant wait to see pics.
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