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So last night I picked up a used 2006 G6 4DR with 60kmiles on it. It's VERY clean... I am very impressed at hom immaculate it is, inside and out. It rides just fine, no odd sounds aside from the braks, which work amazingly well, so I am thinking they are reletivly new.

Anyway, I moved to VA recently from Detroit. I am military, and will be here for at least 3 more years... Norfolk, to be exact. I really want to make this car my own. It already has a really nice appeal to it, and I just want to add a few little touches to finish it. I am thinking window tint and possibly new rims, or lowering it? Maybe different head/tail lights.

What would you suggest to a n00b when it comes to getting started?

I'll post a picture a bit later today when I have the chance.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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