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New G6 GTP

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Sup everyone. Just got myslef a black 06 G6 GTP. def love the peppiness its got. huge up grade from my civic. got blacked out lamin-x tailight covers and smoked headlight covers on the way. plannin on powdercoatin rims black? any thoughts on that...
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Which rims?

I dont know that I would tint the front headlights cause
I would have troubles passing inspection.
well its just a gunsmoke tint from lamin-x.com. its not like blacked out or anything. and the rims are the 18's that come on the 06 GTP. i dont know the name of em or anything...
The polished ones???
yea theyre the polished ones
Dont freeeking touch those man. They are uuber hot. And if you have to get black rims
sell those to someone. You can get WAY more than aftermarket prices so youll make money.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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