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Hello All,

I just purchased my first ever Pontiac vehicle ever. I have a 2009 G6 GT (white) So far nice car. I've owned a few different cars and so far I'm having fun with this sweet ride. I will say I can see some very obvious flaws with this car, but a number of very nice pluses with this car as well. My previous DD was a Volvo S70 T5 (Turbo)

I need some website help/suggestion. I've been searching the site for help and reading other topics to get a feel for what to expect and I'm stuck with some of the website features.
normally search engines allow key words to filter out what you want. When I do a search for timing+belt I get post that having nothing to do with timing belts. Trust me I'm very familiar with forums and web searches and I've even tried to manually looking through the forums to find the how to search/post beginners section to see if the filters/keywords are different here. Anyhow I would high recommend that if that topic is on here that it be made highly visible (sticky).

Also I was a member of volvospeed forums and I loved the way they had the how tos broken out. check them out at volvospeed.com. The man navigation header of Repairs within that had sub items to group the how-tos and many of them were picture step by step instructions. I would suggestion adding something similar.

Now to the members I've only been a member/owner for a short time but I can see you all have put in tons of useful information. I'm sure I will be posting topics soon enough, but for now thank you all in advance for the help you have provided others that I will one day use!
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