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New G6 Owner here, First thread!

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Found this site on Google. Actually it gave me the GA forum with a link to the new G6 forum.

Anyways, I leased a Electric Blue G6 GT December 31, 2004. I traded in my 1997 Tahoe for it. I wanted to keep the Tahoe due to towing my Dad's boat and our snowmobiles. But my parents have a '04 Yukon and will switch out vehicles if I ever need to tow either of them. I just couldn't justify the gas mileage of the Tahoe since 95% of my driving is commuting 32 miles round trip back and forth to work.

I love this car. I got it from my parents dealer since they have bought from him the past 15 years and I did NOT want to put up with any BS. He let me test drive a G6 GT first. Then a used 02 Grand Am. The Grand Am did not do it for me...too outdated and the interior was hideous. He also let me test drive a '04 Gran Prix. I thought it was a nice car, but the price was going to be the same as a brand new G6. Besides, what is the deal with the stupid cruise control knob sticking out from under the steering wheel. I could see myself breaking that off with my 6'2" frame.

So, I decided on a G6 GT in the Electric Blue with sunroof. He did not have one there, but was there the next day for me to pick up from a different dealership.

First Impressions: Very nice design inside and out. It is a much improved car over the previous GA. I have been reading reviews of this car. Most of them have been good, but some have bad reviews about it. Some of the bad reviews have noted on the "Electric Steering." Really, once you get used to it...it feels fine to me. They also have noted the engine choice. I agree, they should have gone straight to the 3.9 with at least the GT. But overall, the power is ample for the car. Could have at least 20 more HP to match the competition. But oh well. The interior is much better than the old GA and even the other Pontiacs. This is the future of Pontiac interiors. Some say it is too bland. Whatever, compared to the old it is so much better. I have the cloth seats and have been comfortable enough for me. I wish I would have got the leather but I could not afford the extra amount. No big deal. One thing I have a concern about is the trunk space. It seems small, at least the opening is. I like how the rear seats fold down giving it more space. But if you have 5 people in there, good luck getting all their gear in the trunk. I have yet to throw my golf clubs in the trunk, but I have a feeling I am going to have to fold down the seats just to get them in :(

Driving the car, compared to my Tahoe...well there is no comparision. The closest thing I have driven to a car in a long time would be a snowmobile. LOL, really...stops, turns, accelerates like one. No, actually I have driven my Dad's '95 Bonneville (which he is selling and bought a '04 Bonneville the same day I bought my G6). The G6 handles much better since it is a smaller car. It rides firm but not too hard. One thing I have noticed is that the road noise seems a little louder than what it should be. Maybe it is due to the tire choice??? I like the manumatic mode but wish it had at least one more gear, but 6 would be even better and would improve the acceleration, and gas mileage. But for the first year of this it is nice. I suprised a Audi A4 last night :D both in cornering and accelerating that car. Maybe he wasn't trying but oh well.

We have had a few ice storms and one snow storm that dumped 10 inches here in IA where I live. It is nothing like the Tahoe in terms of ground clearance and 4wd. But the G6 handled quite well and the TC helped out. The 10 inch snow gave me a few problems with dragging snow in a few spots and spinning the wheels a while to get up a hill in the deep snow. But overall, I have no complaints about it's winter driving capabilities. An AWD G6, ooooooohhhh. Now I would be in heaven if they had an AWD version :D

I especially like how the exterior looks. It kind of looks like an Acura TL but looks better. It also looks kind of like a Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Mazda 6, and some others. It is a clean well thought out design. My friend has commented that it looks like a Japanese car. Kind of does, but the front fascia with the signature Pontiac grille clearly shows it is a bold all American car. And those who say that the back of the G6 looks like a Neon...What are you smoking? It looks nothing like a neon in the back. And compared to the old GA. Wow, the nasty body cladding made the GA look bad. I am so glad that GM and Pontiac are doing away with that.

I haven't driven a Honda Accord, or a Toyota Camry which are the competition for the G6 so I can't make a fair comparision about these. But I do have to say the G6 looks a lot more better than the other two. I have ridden in my friends Honda and my grandparents Camry before. Let me just say that the ride, the interior look and comfort, exterior all were below that of the G6. The power of those two also seemed to be "weak" even though they have more HP. Again, I didn't drive so I can't give a fair review of that. But just by driving the G6, it appears that it would take on the two.

Final thoughts...For the first year that this model has been out. I would give Pontiac a 8 out of 10 for an overall well designed car. Things I would improve on in the next G6 would be to add at least 20 HP (the 3.9 will fix that). Add a 6-speed Auto with the manumatic and a 6-speed manual as standard and that will make it more in line with the Acura TL and Mazda 6 and even the Audi A4, and BMW cars. I would get the 3.9 with the 6-speed manual and AWD if if they had it now. Hmmm, Passat killer. I don't know, but it would definately be cool. The interior as it sits now I would not change a thing. But according to some things I have read the G6 is a work in progress. So expect the interior and exterior to get better. If they would have used the original brown interior design of the concept then it would be perfect. Maybe it is headed in that way, who knows.

This car will sell as is, and will only get better with the improvements that are coming. One thing GM messed up on was the pricing of this car. It seems a little high for what you get. Less power, cloth, base model for about the same as a well equipped compettitor model. I mean, after you put the GT which has no HP increase, a few options, and even leather you are well above the competition and up to some very nice cars.

I have had no problems with the car. Will pass 1,000 miles here in the next day. Could not be happier with my choice.
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Welcome to the club, I too live in Iowa :)

Welcome, next to orange, blue is the best looking color :)
Stabbin_G6 said:
The Grand Am did not do it for me...too outdated and the interior was hideous.
. And compared to the old GA. Wow, the nasty body cladding made the GA look bad. I am so glad that GM and Pontiac are doing away with that.
Another GA hater. If you rode in my car, you would have a somewhat different opinion. Anyway, enjoy your ride and congrats on buying American. I am waiting for the G6 GXP, because the current G6 is too weak in HP for my taste. :)
Man what's up with all the G6 Performance sucks folks?

To stay on topic Congrats on the G6 there Stabbin_G6.

If I was looking for a pure performance car I would not go with the G6 at all or any front wheel drive car. I purchased my G6 based on room, price and fuel economy. I would pony up and get a GTO or if you need a 4-door sedan get the new Grand Prix GXP coming out with a V-8.

Just my 2 cents.

Nothing is wrong with Grand Ams they where what they where. I have driven several rental ones over the years from the powerful HO 4-cylinder versions of the late eighties and early nineties to the current six cylinder versions. They where a decent car for the money.

Not hating here but the Grand Am or G6 are not what I would consider a true performance car but a sport oriented family car. I used two own a rear wheel drive BMW M3 and Z-3 M Roadster so maybe I am jaded - see attached photos. But that was before I had a family and a budget to adhere to. Believe me a BMW of any caliber will drain your wallet on any performance mods (they don't need many if you own any Motorsport version) but they are a true driver's performance car. Nothing I have ever driven can compare to any of the ///M car grace, style and flat out handling.

Then again there are a few cars that GM build that are about overall performance (handling vs. HP) but straightline brute power with the exception of the Z-06 Corvette and the new V-series Caddies.

I don't know about you guys but I don't have 70 grand large to pony up for one of these kinds of rides. Thus I am driving on a budget with a base model G6 V-6.


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welcome and i defenitally agree with you on the trunk space, i have so much stuff to bring back and forth between my snowboard, subs boots and snow gear, i even lost my back seat after i took out the woofer
Welcome! I too am new here.... Just bought my Gray 2008 G6 GXP today! Im so glad I chose this car! Now I get to start modifying it :D
Klixslide you're about 6 years too late on your welcome. lol

Also, Jcleme16 welcome to the forum, lots of good info here. You might try posting a progression page or a picture thread of your own. Everyone likes pics around here. Cheers:beer:
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