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New G6 Owner, as of Today (well not new 2005 with 50K miles on it) got it off a friend for 4500.00

I picked a 4 door Pontiac G6/V6 3.5 engine.
Tthe thing handles and drives like a dream.

there are two issues with the car. Since it was my friends someone ran into his driver side door. He has got it fixed and repainted, looks like new, except a few things.

1. The trunk button lights up but doesn't open.

2. The Fog light button is broken too.... (i think i need to replace that whole set of buttons, but the light dimmer works and the pedal Adjuster works as well too the only one that doesnt't work is the FOG button)

How can i fix and repair, I'm pretty handy and have owned a Pontiac Grand Am beforehand.

Here is my 2005 Pontiac G6....

Much better pics soon.


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Geewhiz, do you know where i can order some stock parts for this car, like the Trunk release button and the button for the Fog light etc?

i been looking everywhere but cannot find anything anywhere.
The best I can tell you is the dealership. I know they may be a bit higher in price but you know your getting the right part. Some other folks will be glad to also answer that question in a day or two. Stick around you may have another answer in an hour.
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