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Just wanted to say hey there, I just inherited a 2007 G6 V6 in dark gray (not sure the official color name or if it is a V6 3500 or V6 3500VVT). Seems to be a solid car and engine...This is my first american car coming from the following:

-Mitsubishi Eclipse
-Mitsubishi EVO8
-Nissan Xterra
-VW Jetta (current as well as the G6)...

Been reading this forum for a little while now and seems to be a solid resource with knowledgeable members.

This forum in combination with g6performance is FTW for G6 info





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Hey Eddie! Welcome! And congrats on your new g6! :D Maybe the name is stealth or slate gray? I forget the names, but im sure you can find out somehow? Glad you like your car!
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