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New G6 Owner

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Hiya all! My name is Megan and I am a proud owner of a black on black 2005 G6 sedan. I am head over heels for this car. I've had a few problems so far, but I can't complain because its my baby. So far I had to replace the rotors, realigned the headlights, just changed a burnt out bulb today, a few owner minor, but irritating problems. Its got a power sunroof as well. I've named him "Kit", after Knight Rider, but his street name (haha) is KnightKrawler lol. The people that owned the car before me didn't seem to really take very good care of him, I mean its in good condition except..well it seems like that they definetely had kids..Well..thats about it right now! I know I'll have lots of questions...one being..this is probably stupid..but with an extended warranty, am I "allowed" to do any modifications at all? Even little things like maybe change the foot pedals, and etc?
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welcome, i pretty sure u can do some modifications, but i would check with the place u got the car from as to exactly what u can and cannot do. i'm pretty ure that whatever isnt covered by the warrenty, u can play with. Mainly apperance mods, sum of the other guys might have a better idea as to what u can and cannot do though.
Hi, welcome.
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