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"NEW" G6 Owner

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Well, i'm an original MOPAR guy but i couldn't pass this deal up for my wife. And well since i can't keep anything stock, i had to find me a good forum to see what's out there. From what i've gathered, this seems to be the best forum out here for the G6.

First thing i would like to do is plugs since she's got a bit over 100k oh her as of this morning. I'm searching now, but any good suggestions? Is there a trick to the rear plugs (haven't looked REAL close yet)? And yes, i've changed oil and filters :D

Second would be to transform to duals. Any good advice on this mod? I guess i need a GTP lower valance but where's a good place to get a nice dual muff?

Thanks a lot in advance!!
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Welcome, and your right about the best forum for the G6....:p
welcome from ohio Im trying the E3 plugs for exhaust check out GT-R
welcome... best place to get valance is probably gmpartsdirect.com or local GM dealer
part# should be 22712778
Welcome to the club,
Your right about those back plugs....I was looking yesterday. YIKES!!!

Im going to need to change mine soon as well.....so keep me posted or Ill keep you posted.

I think Im gonna do mine the weekend of the 20th....
Welcome to the club.....I have no clue what plugs are?! .... HAHA I'm learning new words everyday in this forum!
Plugs are spark plugs :)
OH....haha, I know what those are! I once had this douche bag try to sale me 8 of them for my POS Cavalier.
Thanks for all the replies!! I plan on grabbin some plugs here soon. O'reillys told me i dont need to run 8.00 iridium plugs, is there truth to this? Can i settle for the 2.00 plugs?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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