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~niKKi~ said:
Well I thought I'd finally introduce myself here...even tho I've actually been around for awhile on the GAGT.com & GAOC.com boards. I've owned 2 Grand Am GTs in the past...went to the Darkside for a bit, then back to Pontiac again :D

The name is obvious, Nikki, and as you can see by the sig, I have a 2006 G6 GTP Sedan 6MT. Just picked it up on September 29th and is still 100% stock. Tint will come first, then in the Spring we'll see whats available for it and I'll get started hah.

There is really no reason to post pics since we all know what this car looks like haha, but I'll post up a few anyhow. More can be found at my cardomain site: www.cardomain.com/id/accordexgirl

only one word comes to mind......"SWEET" (and your car looks good too!! ;) anyway, welcome and please keep us informed on your 'mods'.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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