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New Guy Here Opinions And Question

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hey hows it goin every body merry xmas im a new user here as you can see i didnt know how to start my own lol so i just posted on here with a fellow new guy .. well first off i drive a 2008 g6 gxp love it got it about amonth ago looking for upgrade not much for this car that i have found so far i did how ever do dead lights i just ordered a strut tower bar and im getting a tune on tuesday and i would let to get a aggrasive sounding exuasht and a cold air intake any 1 can gimme adive email me or post on here [email protected]
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haha Welcome! :D I'm glad you figured it out!

A good idea would be the GT-R exhaust (google or youtube Pontiac G6 GTR exhaust) and the CRAB intake would be your best bet for that. Lampoon, a member, makes them and they are the best ones out there!
yea iv seen both but i am very secptacle about that crab intake it seems like the only thing hes sellin is that box so that it lines with the ram air hood so i dont see the reson to buy that when i dont have the hood when i can clamp a fliter on my self and he doesnt even have any more frnt pipe upgrades and i have seen a few guys on here with sum serious looking exausht better then the small fortune gtr exuast
There are different upgrdes for the crab intakes. He does make an alluminum tube and stuff. Google it and look at his site. As for the gt-r exhaust, many people like it because its bolt on and is not ricey sounding.

However, it is your car and you are free to do whatever you want to it... thats the beauty of it!!

If you have any questions on anything specific let us know. where are here to help.

Oh and Welcome!!! :)
hey where can i get thoes black overlays
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