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New Guy, saying hello

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Just bought (about 30min ago) a 2006 G6 GT. I had a 2009 as a rental and really liked it.

I'm coming from GM W-body world, where I owned a 1992 Grand Prix LE sedan and most recently a 1990 Grand Prix STE. I'm a moderator at www.w-body.com , a forum for the GM W-body line of cars. The STE died at the same time my truck died and I really needed something newer anyway. Looking forward to fitting in over here.
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Welcome Robby! I think you'll fit in fine here. We could use some Pontiac experience too.
The GT has the chrome cladded wheel.
Dont remove the engine cover......That 3.5 aint too purty
without it sooooo make it better!! lol

now if you had the 3.9.....the plenum looks cool on it.

Anyways welcome. Geeeeewiz always has mod questions so help him out.
I might do the "Jack in the box" mod, that little smilely guy. dono?:confused:

As you can see Robby, we like to pick.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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