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New Guy, saying hello

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Just bought (about 30min ago) a 2006 G6 GT. I had a 2009 as a rental and really liked it.

I'm coming from GM W-body world, where I owned a 1992 Grand Prix LE sedan and most recently a 1990 Grand Prix STE. I'm a moderator at www.w-body.com , a forum for the GM W-body line of cars. The STE died at the same time my truck died and I really needed something newer anyway. Looking forward to fitting in over here.
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It's supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend so I'll give it a good wash/wax and take some pictures then.

The car is "Liquid Metallic Silver" color (I think that's the name), sunroof, CD, chrome (or are they polished?) wheels. There's a pin stripe down each side that I'll be removing ASAP.

I've been into the 60* V6s since I first had a car and know a lot about that family of engines. I'm looking forward to removing that hideous engine cover.......LOL
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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