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I already made a thread asking about the CRABS intake. I've purchased it and it should be on the way.
Might as well make an introduction. =]
My name is Matt. I live in New Mexico at the moment. Currently am enlisted in the USAF. Bought my G6 in April of 2011. So a little over a month and a half ago. I've already put in 1 12' Memphis PR sub. Going to have a second one installed by the end of this week.
I drive a 2008 G6 GT. 3.5L with the LZ4. It's the light blue / silvery color. I'm sure somebody knows what I'm talking about.
I'm not the biggest car person. I am somewhat knowledgeable. I plan on purchasing the GT-R exhaust after I put my intake on, followed by getting a tune. Whether that tune be purchased online or traveling to Albuquerque to a dyno shop and getting it done that way. I almost always have questions that seem to get answered here.
I hope that this wasn't too much of an introduction =]
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