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New GXP Owner

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Howdy All!

I'm new to the G6 vehicles; I just bought my wife a fully loaded '08 GXP this past Monday. It replaced my 1998 Sunfire - needless to say, the Sunfire and the GXP are like night and day (not that my Sunfire was a bad car, but its amazing what 10 years brings to the automotive industry).

I'd love to hear from new GXP owners - so far, we've put about 200 miles on our car and it has been fantastic to drive. Hope that you are having the same great experience! :)
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hey man, ive had mine for a week now and i love it. it only gets better.
Ive had mine since December n i love it more n more every day lol. Good luck n welcome!
Thanx all - hopefully all our rides will be as good as the first day! :)
Just got my Wife hers to replace her 03 Vibe

I just picked it up today but I will have the windows tinted and the accesory wheels installed before she gets to have it. I work for a dealer so I'm doing a 36 month 15K lease and want her happy:)

This will keep her out of my Trailblazer SS and keep me happy:D

This will keep her out of my Trailblazer SS and keep me happy:D

LOL My b/f cannot keep me out of his Trailblazer SS :D
That's funny as crap! I'm trading in my wife's TBSS for a GXP. It's been quite troublesome. It's had 4 rear differential replacements and a shock replacement that now has the truck leaning by an inch. It's outta here! I love the horsepower, but the gas consumption is killing me too!

Going to order a fully loaded GXP next week. Now I have to fight over the color with her. I want white, she was the grey. :banghead:
There's too many grey cars on the road - be different; go for the performance red or blue.:cool:
I bought my GXP in december and I love it. I have tints and i got pink gxp emblems and im getting the cat-back exhaust system through gm soon, im pretty excited.
Sorry to hear you are gettin rid of the SS... My b/f had alot of probs too. It needed a new motor.. the good thing is he got a crate motor out of it from GM performance and its a bit faster than the stock motor.
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