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New happy G6 owner in North East PA!

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Hey everybody!

I'm Jarrod and I'm the proud new owner of a 2009 G6GT.

I'm a long time GM fan. I used to sell them and my belt is actually an old GM seatbelt and buckle.

I wasn't planning on getting a G6 (I was holding out for a Camaro) but then my 02 Monte Carlo SS's transmission exploded. My friend (who i used to work with at the dealership and who is now the GM and F&I Manager) told me about this great G6 and I bought it sight unseen. I had seen other G6's and knew it's platform and engine well enough to know what it would be like. But when I saw it in person, it was unlike anything I've seen in pictures or others on the road.

It's lines and styling are different from other G6's I've seen. I guess they did a redesign before shutting down Pontiac.

I love it. It's great. I was disheartened by the events and timing that led me to buy it, but from those ashes comes the phoenix.

I can't wait to customize it. I really want to add rally stripes or something. I've been looking around at all your guys' cars and think I found the right place for us enthusiasts!
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Hi there Engel! Funny, I pulled up to this color G6 yesterday and was impressed at it's aura! Hope you enjoy it. One thing I love is all the room in the front, and it's real easy to keep inside clean too. Enjoy..
Yep, you got a 2009.5 - it was a planned 2010 redesign but of course with Pontiac being scrapped they made them 2009 models. There are 2010's out there, but AFAIK they're only sedans.

BTW is Lake Erie Speedway still open? I never went there but heard great things about it when the Busch North Series ran there :cool:

Oh and welcome!
Welcome.....Sweet coupe!!
BTW is Lake Erie Speedway still open? I never went there but heard great things about it when the Busch North Series ran there :cool:
I'm not that far north so I don't know. I'm actually 20 mins away from the Pocono Speedway. I know they have track days there where you can bring your car to race the infield. I'll have to try that out.
Ah, so you're from northeast PA, not North East, PA ;)

Yeah definitely get to Pocono Speedway if you get a chance. I haven't been there in many years (and never been on it) but it's definitely a neat & unique track.
Welcome, i am 2 hours above you in pa. I am about 45 mins away from the new york state border.
Welcome!! Very nice looking 6....I really like that front end.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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