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New here & need radio help

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New to site not, sure how it works, so bare with me. Just purchased 2006 G6 sedan for my son. Car runs great, pristine body, radio a little battered. Kind of an eye soar. Looking to purchase stock radio in good condition at an affordable price. Any ideas on how we should go about it?
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A suggestion I have is to make sure the radio you choose to buy isn't locked with anti-theft, because I am currently running into that problem.
have you gone to the dealer? they have to match it to your vin#
No, I currently have the 07 stereo (no aux input) and I recently bought an 09 with the aux input off of ebay and its, apparently, locked up.
Oh! Alright, thanks! That makes sense.

I'll head over to the dealer (its already at the collision repair center for a recent fender bender) and see what they can do.
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